Behind the Scenes

Packaging Options, an evolution.

When I originally started selling my jewellery I couldn’t decide what was best as far as packaging was concerned. As an unknown jewellery designer / maker who was just starting out in the world of selling their work, with limited funds and without a clear idea of what my brand was going to look like I decided to research the market to see what sort of options were available to me. Unsurprisingly perhaps I found that primarily the high end places always package your jewellery in a beautiful (and expensive) box, where as smaller boutiques and handmade artisans prefer a

Handmade in England Jewellery rebranded

As some of you might have noticed various content across my social media and selling platforms have been gradually updated to a new style. I recently revealed my updated logo and I’ve been working on my photography to make it more uniform than it was originally.   Gone are the whitewashed wood backgrounds from my earlier imagery (although some instances still exist for older pieces I now longer have to retake under the new style) and in its place I’ve used a delicate stone background and props to focus on the jewellery whilst providing a neutral backdrop that is pleasant

Bead soup and what to do with it!

Over time everyone who makes jewellery ends up with a few stray beads here and there, left over from projects, the last one on a strand, in all sorts of shapes and sizes that get mixed with other poor beads in the same situation to become bead soup. It’s an unfortunate state of affairs, but for lonely beads it can often be a good thing as it’s through the gathering of these left over treasures that some unusual and unique pieces that would otherwise have never been conceived are born. Mixtures of size, colour, material that usually you wouldn’t put

Juicy Jade Bracelet & Earrings

Coming to you direct from the beading board – a quick look at how some lovely jade beads became a stunning summer bracelet and earring combo. I’ve had some beautiful juicy looking jade beads in my stash for a while and decided to have a play with the colours to see what looked good together. After trying a few combinations I settled on the green, orange and pink with some lovely textured rings in between. To finish off the bracelet I used a simple plain toggle clasp and then replicated the style for a pair of matching earrings. The result