If you’ve ever seen a necklace length and wondered how long it’s likely to hang then this little guide is for you!

Obviously it depends and will vary from person to person, depending on collar size, but it gives a pretty good idea of where you could expect a necklace to lay on average for someone with a 14 inch neck.

For anyone with a larger neck I would advise taking the size of your neck as the choker size and then following the chart below to work out approximately where your necklace would hang to:

Necklace Style / Length (inches)
Neck Size Choker Princess Matinee Opera Rope
14 inch / 36 cm 14 16-18 20-24 26-30 36
16 inch / 41 cm 16 18-20 24-26 30-32 36
18 inch / 46 cm 18 20-22 26-28 30-32 36
20 inch / 51 cm 20 22-24 26-28 30-32 36


Personally anything under an 18 inch chain is too constricted for me and would be akin to a choker.  A 20 inch chain is my preference and would lay between the 16 inch and 18 inch mark on the guide, so if you are the same as me maybe in the case of the shorter lengths you should go one up on the sizes to make sure of a comfortable fit.

For Opera and Rope necklaces they would hang a little higher if your neck size is larger, but not enough to make a huge difference in regards to the graphic.

I hope you find it useful.

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