My Amethyst & Sterling Silver Bracelet is in Shine Online!

It’s always nice to get a nice surprise, and today I did! Following on from my recent surprise regram by @beadsdirect I was reading the latest edition of Shine Online (their online magazine) and was delighted to see my amethyst bracelet in there under the Let’s be Social section! I shared a picture of it to the Beads Direct group a few weeks ago and it was chosen as one of the makes BD decided to share.  I was so pleased and just had to tell you about it! I’ve grabbed a screenshot to share with you all but I’ve

What do people REALLY want for Valentines Day?

Chocolates? Flowers? Something saucy? A garlic press?   I’m not kidding! I once saw a garlic press advertised as the ‘perfect Valentines Day gift!’   We’re constantly told what we supposedly want by people trying to sell various products to our partners and secret admirers, which got me wondering as to just how accurate these assumptions are so I decided to run a quick survey to find out just what people really want.   Out of the sample of people who took the survey (thank you Facebook and Twitter) unsurprisingly Jewellery was right up there in its own right, along