Anniversary Jewellery Guide

  Anniversaries – relationships, marriage, work, the list goes on. When someone you know or maybe yourself has an anniversary approaching and you’re unsure what to get or ask for here’s a handy guide for you. Of course it doesn’t have to be limited to jewellery, it can be anything that can hold a gemstone so why not be creative?   I’ve tried to include them all, but if any are missing do let me know! I hope you find it useful.

Birthstone Jewellery Guide

  Birthstone Jewellery is an ever popular staple for birthday gifts, with a large number of people knowing their birthstone whether they have a piece of jewellery to commemorate the month or not. If you don’t however, or you want to find out what someone else’s birthstone is then you might find this handy guide beneficial.   As well as jewellery featuring your own birthstone it is becoming increasingly popular for people to have jewellery that includes the stones of family members as well, so that’s a thought if you’re thinking of getting some birthstone jewellery yourself or for a

Necklace Length Guide

If you’ve ever seen a necklace length and wondered how long it’s likely to hang then this little guide is for you! Obviously it depends and will vary from person to person, depending on collar size, but it gives a pretty good idea of where you could expect a necklace to lay on average for someone with a 14 inch neck. For anyone with a larger neck I would advise taking the size of your neck as the choker size and then following the chart below to work out approximately where your necklace would hang to: Necklace Style / Length

How to Replace Ear Wires

Have you ever bought or been given a really great looking pair of earrings that you find you can’t wear because they have plated ear wires that irritate your ears? Or maybe you’ve got a favourite pair of earrings that have broken or damaged ear wires and you want to be able to wear them again. Either way, this super quick video will show you how you can replace those pesky ear wires so you can wear your awesome earrings without a problem. I hope you find it useful!   Feel free to share it if you know someone who could